Sunday, September 19, 2010

Ode to the Last Day of Summer

Because September 21st is the official last day of summer in the Northern hemisphere. I thought I would set a luncheon table for 2 celebrating summer's harvest. The beach grass takes the entire summer to reach their glory, blooming late in August and as the plume gets bigger and fluffy-er it is a sign summer is nearing it's end. I love watching it grow all summer, and plume up in August. It is bittersweet to know that it harkens the end of summer.

It seems it's purpose is satisfying those lingering long breezy summer days with the sound of their plumes and reeds russling in the wind. So I have chosen it for my centerpiece, now when it is in it's prime of fluffiness.
 I will be putting the plumes in this fabric basket that I made.

This basket is made by coiling fabric around sisal rope and glue together as you create the basket and it has a sisal rope handle.

This is how the centerpiece turned out:

It turned out cute don't you think?

And fabric napkin rings to match.
  I just twisted and glued fabric around some twine formed into a ring..

I hope no one minds my mismatched silverware, 
and simple Correll everyday plates, and yes they are just paper napkins, I am down the shore and I really don't have any cloth napkins down here. ( I may have to rectify that, this weekend with a little shopping jaunt!)

So here is the table waiting for us to eat.

As Summer turns things over to Fall
When fall becomes winter my little Cottage will get closed up.

But for now, it is my haven.

The Irish fall Festival will be in town on thursday Sept. 23 till sunday Sept. 26th.
I am sure I will have some pics from that next week.

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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Tablescaping in a Pinch

This was good for my practice. I will be the first one to say, I am an amateur tablescaper. But I am beginning to enjoy it. And by golly I am cooking again.  I know this will be a really late entry into
Between Naps on the Porch Tablescape Thursday but I was motivated after reading some blogs today. I started this at 4:45 just when I was rushing around to make some kind of dinner. ( Which actually turned out to be really good!)
I didn't even have my camera  and it was evening so please forgive if it is dark . I used my iphone.

  • A vintage tablecloth always is a good way to begin right? That I can do... ( I am a vintage tablecloth addict!!)
I just love the  workmanship in this precious cloth!
  • A centerpiece. I always have trouble deciding on that one.

Or should I use a flower ?

It's raining out side and I just put a pork roast on the grill.... yummy. That will be fun to run in and out checking on!   Hubby sees what I am up to with the table and thinks we are having company.
  • Digging out my vintage plates that I just love and really only use at Christmas time.

They are so pretty aren't they? And I was lucking enough to get a  setting for 12, way back about ten years ago on a thrifting excursion, but I am not whipping that all out now. Heck I don't even have the leaf in the table. They will all see the light at Christmas Dinner.

So this will be simple setting for 4 people.

    A pretty water goblet from the dollar store  ( or is that a wine glass? ) I really am no expert!!  I'm pretty sure it is for water. And a gold napkin to bring a little bit of "Fall "to the table!

    Now it is starting to look like something.

    Can't forget the silverwear!

    I hear some rumbling... When's dinner mom?.. Is that for us? What's the occasion?
    .....10 minutes kids

    Should I let them? Or set the kitchen table?... Maybe I will just add one more plate..

    ummm the buffet.. Yes I still love the cut glass.
    And the cocktail ( whiskey cantor)
    Rejuvenated now..

    Sunday, September 05, 2010

    Fabulous Vintage Finds

    I love textiles and I have a bit of a penchant for pitchers, bottles and boxes. On my most recent excursion in thrifting I discovered some awesome finds.

    • A china bowl marked Prussia ( one of the best China makers ever)
    • A silver ptcher from Roger's Silver Company
    • A large  milky whilte ceramic pitcher
    • A small white ceramic pitcher
    • A white porcelain cooking pot, in no chip, perfect condition
    • And a gorgeous piece of Battenburg lace 

     The silver pitcher needed some polishing, but that is an easy job, and so worth doing  to bring out the natural shine.  I didn't completely shine and polish the feet and the handle, 
    because I do like a tiny bit of
    the tarnished look

    Gorgeous isn't it?

    And I love the porcelain cooking pot!

    And I can't begin to tell you how much fun I had with the white pitchers and the battenburg lace.

    So these are the goodies I found the other day at the thrift shop! Not a bad hit.
    Have you found anything good lately?
    I'll be linking up with:
    Julie at Fab Friday #16
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