Monday, August 30, 2010

Places for Blogging

I am taking part in the Centsational Girl's where do you blog? party.

I have to be honest... I am all over the place.
At home I have an office that is really not much more than a closet.
I've blogged about this office before, when my husband tried to claim it for his clothes.

So that is the home office!!.... It's tiny and right off my bedroom.
 I'll have morning coffee and blog a little or check emails, and sometimes print out orders.
 Then it is off to work at my fabric shop at my daughter's house.
Where the entire bottom level is devoted to our fabric business.

 I do occasionally blog in this space. I do have a desk in there and of course printer, and all the other things I need for shipping and stuff. Sorry no pic of that desk, as of yet, but it is an old library table in Tiger Oak  I got at an auction and  I love it.

On the weekends when I am down the shore, at the Beach House,
I  use my little desk I rescued, which sits in my bedroom.

But my absolute favorite place that I blog from is my sunroom just outside my bedroom at the
Cottage Beach House down the shore.

Where I perched comfortably and watch the world go by...

I 'd like to be here all the time.
It's the best blogging spot in my world!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Ok, now I am literally a Basketcase

My kids have been calling me a basketcase and now rightly so. I am Obsessed. Join me in my latest.
I love the feel of fresh  new fabric. I also love to do new and creative things with fabric. My newest creation is a shabby chic, pink and lavender roses, fabric basket. It was a lot of work but I really enjoy working with my hands and creating something new.

It takes about a yard or less of fabric. The fabric is cut into strips about 2 inches wide and each strip is coiled around a rope. Then the entire piece is coiled into the shape of a basket. I use a glue gun to adhere the beginning and ends of the fabric to the rope, and also to each coiled row. I twist the handle for an added visual pleasure. This one is 12 inches across. It turns out to be a great size for just about any household use. It even makes those nasty things called bills look oh so pretty, while they wait to be opened!

It is very handy for holding washcloths and hand towels, or on a babies dressing table for all the lotions!

 I also make a small one for the vanity or desk  which is 5 inches across. these are adorable for holding biz cards or pens. Or for little Baby Hair clips! ( The blue ticking basket is one of the small ones) Theses will  be found in my etsy shop 
I love the way these turned out, and they look so pretty holding things in the bathroom or on the vanity.
 Made by me!
I now take custom orders for these baskets and you can specify the type of fabric and of course the size.

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If you visit my website, here, at  you can pick out your fabric and you can drop me an email as to what you would like. My email is

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Old Pirates trunk for the Beach House

I'm wondering what I should do.

 I have this great old trunk that I really love. it's kind of like an old Pirate's trunk.

It's neat isn't it?

It has a very slight curve to the top but is still straight enough to use as a coffee table.

I was thrilled to find this piece because it is perfect for my needs.

I absolutely enjoy using it, whenever I am at the shore.
I like to drink my coffee in this room, and gaze out at the Ocean.

Currently, it is empty inside, because it really needs to be freshened up.
 But I love the details on the exterior!

My plan is to re- do the inside with a nice covering of fresh fabric.
Then it will be a great  storage place for all the extra blankets we need to have around for guests.
Our Beach Cottage is small, so whenever possible,  furniture needs to do double duty.

This is how it looks in the sun room.
A storm was rolling in so the pics are a bit dark, but even on a grey day,
 it is gorgeous to watch the clouds roll  across the water.

I was wondering if I should leave it as I found it, or if I should consider the thought of painting it white.

I am kind of liking the dark contrast to all my other light or white stuff though. 

Whatya'll thinkin'? 
Should I leave it unpainted, and just re do the inside, or should I paint it white?
And which fabric gets your vote for the interior?

 Navy nautical stripe


seaside aqua stripe

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

I've been featured!

I am so excited I've been featured by a very talented blogger, and I am participating in one of her giveaways. Here is the link to the feature.
Being Tazim's blogspot

Go check it out and sign up for one of her awesome giveaways!

Monet Painting in the Sky

Wordless Wednesday. So I gotta zip it!

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