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I got inspired again by a Better Homes and Garden picture. It was on a porch but I tried it in my kitchen at the Cottage Beach House down the shore.  I knew i had a vintgage tablecloth that was so similar to the one in the magazine, and that it would be purrrrfect for the upcoming July 4th weekend. So time to switch another room in the Cottage from it's seaglass blue and green theme to red white and blue!
This is what inspired me:

So here is what I did:   

 I know I should have ironed it... but I was so damn psyched!

Instead of watermelon I set it for a martini lunch.

I've had the blue glass jug in the middle since 98 from a thrift shop, it's very old and wavy glass, and it actually has a really neat lid.
I picked up the martini glasses at a dollar store somewhere along the way between 2000 and now.
and the tablecloth comes from my vintage collection of wayyyy too many. And my daughter gave me the blue glass plates  a few years back cause she knows my obsession!
It was fun and now we are almost ready for the 4th
I'm going over to the party at:

My Sunroom  sofa redecorated.

I wanted to try something with my plain old beige sofa down the shore and felt inspired by the pics in Coastal Living magazine. The ispiration sofa had different color blue fabric on the throw pillows. This is what I have done on my upstairs sunroom at the Cottage Beach House. I used different shades of aqua fabrics for the pillows:  

Inspirations- the pic below is from Coastal Living 

I really liked the different shades of blue pillows on the sofa below.
So I wanted to try something like that my next trip down the shore. 
Maybe with blues and aquas on my off white sofa.

Coastal Living Mag

I found this perfect soft blue end table at "Home Goods" that is going in my Seaside Cottage.
I love it so much I went back for the other one.  I was lucky they had 2 and that was all they had.
Now I have to get rid of something old to make room but that's OK.
Isn't it a cutie?

Below is what I did with that pretty blue table in the same sunroom area. I had to get 2 of them!
Left side of room            

 right side

That little striped ottoman in the right bottom corner of the last pic is also the beginning of a chair and ottoman re-do. I will post before and after pics of that when it is complete. it is with a very nautical fabric by Waverly called Millbrook Stripe
Waverly Millbrook Stripe Cadet Fabric

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Stacy said...

I like your sofa in the sunroom living room better then the one in the magazine :) So pretty !

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