About Us

I hope my blog will inspire you. I love fabric and working with it to improve our lives. My life is multifaceted and I want my writing to reflect that. I am motivated by the nice things in life, the little ways to make life more pleasant. Like browsing for ideas when window shopping, I hope you will find something that moves you, or motivates you. Like a Mom and Pop store we are a Mom and daughter who opened an on-line fabric store. www.freshcutfabrics.com
Together, we often went shopping for fabric whenever we needed to be creatively inspired.
Sometimes just looking at a fresh new fabric gives you an inspirational thought about what you might be able to do with it. Perhaps drapes for a living room, or curtains for a kitchen. A cute little dress for a toddler. An old table to decoupage with a leftover stash of material. A couple of soft new throw pillows to change up the look of a linen white  slipcovered sofa. A new slipcover for that matter. Something to freshen up the kitchen chairs that are timeworn and in need of a change. Not to mention the new skirts you can whip up in a single bound.
  We spent so much time wandering the fabric stores and antique shops that it was just a natural thing that we would incorporate it into our business. It's still a passion, finding vintage items, fabulous new fabrics and combining them to create something beautiful.
Sew far, Sew good!

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