Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Fall fabric and fall colored Seashells

At the end of the summer my daughter found a great big clam shell that had some really nice pumpkin colors in it.

So I thought I could incorporate some of these amber colored shells into a little Fall vignette on the kitchen table.

With a little vintage turkey and pumpkin fabric!

A little touch of Fall inspired fabric, this one actually has turkey, pumpkin and a farm and haystack..  I added in the napkin rings that I designed because I think the twine goes nicely.

and my favorite white pitchers.

Just setting up to see how I like it.

Now I am off to go iron my Fall fabric runner and make it look perfect!

Simple and convenient!

Monday, October 04, 2010

An Interview with a young Doll Designer

So often I am asked by people, "What on earth does someone do with just a yard of fabric?"
Well the answer is as varied as the people who buy fabric are!
Some people will recover a couple of chairs, it only takes a half yard to recover a typical dining chair.
Some will make a skirt.
One of my clients who is an extremely talented young lady, hand makes dolls with the cloth she buys.
Her name is Syndey Cooper and she has her own etsy shop SuperCooperCreations

I recently interviewed her to see what makes her tick. Syndey is only 13,
 and yet she exhibits a rare and substantial talent!

1. Syndey, you are very creative. Your dolls are unique and charming.
 What or who inspires you?

 Well, before I started making dolls, my mom did. She still does. Everything that she learned was from Patti Culea and her books.
 When I was 11, I made a couple of dolls and then revisited it again now when I am thirteen. So the people my inspiration probably comes from a combination of that.


2. On average how long does it take you to make a doll?


Well, during the summer it took about a week or week and a half. Now that school has started I may only be able to make two or three in a month.

3. Do you model your dolls after any real people that you know?

No, not necessarily. Once a doll is made and it comes time to give it a name, then you realize if it looks like anybody! Sometimes in my earlier descriptions, I named them after people they looked like.

4. How did you come up with the etsy shop name Super Cooper Creations?

"Cooper" is my last name. I think it is important to have part of your name somewhere in your shop. I also used "Creations" because it is a  general topic and allows me to put many different things in my shop. I think that everyone believes that their creations are "Super!!!"

Visit Sydney's etsy shop SuperCooperCreations for a glimpse at a unique and unusual talent.
 Perhaps you can commission her to make a doll for someone you know.
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