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In searching through some old photos I came across one of my Grandmom and Grandpop
 on my mom's side, circa 1915. How far photography has come! In this picture you can just about see the outline of the tree on the right in the background. Nowadays you would see every detail in the bark, and every leaf!

I really don't remember my Gramdpop as he died when I was very young.
 But I remember Grandmom very well. Because my mom and us 3 kids lived at her house with her starting in 1960.
I remember always making a beeline thru her kitchen to get to the back yard so I could go out to play.
Her telling me to "Slow down young lady, what's your hurry?"
I have my Grandmom's wedding dress. She was married in 1910. One day I will take a pic of it to post. It is in great condition, except for one thing. There was a 5 inch square cut from it when I found it in my mother' s chest. And mom told me someone must have cut it for something old for the wedding tradition. Perhaps one of my aunts or their daughter's. 
She had 10 children. My mom and her sister Marge looked alot alike. The only one left now of those ten is my Uncle Bill I usually see him once a year down the shore, at Labor Day. last year I grilled him for all he could remember. And he has an amazing memory. 
I had to write it all down because he remembers so much.

I loved helping her grind up ham for hash with that old steal meat grinder we'd clamp onto the table.
And Grandmom did her chores all day except she took a 3 hour break each and every day to watch the soap operas from 12 to 3. "As the World Turns" so do the sands of time.... Anyone remember that?
And 2 others, maybe General Hospital. Then she went back to more chores. 

I remember when Grandmom took to her bed and died at home in her own room.
It was around the time  JFK was killed. Maybe 6 to 10 months prior. 
I think passing away at home with your loved ones near is a true blessing.


July 9th

Nothing like relaxing with a Mojito on the back porch of my little Cottage down the shore.
That is was I look forward to at the end of a long week.
There are lots of mixes on the market or you can whip it up yourself.

Here is my recipe:

3 ice cubes in the glass first
2 shots barcardi white rum
2 shots lemon lime seltzer water
1shot o f sprite for sweetness
4 fresh mint leaves

July 1

While strolling with my sister one day I came upon these:
Aren't they the most adorable row of Cape May Cottages ever!
Lets imagine what might be inside....

I would surely want my special desk I saved from the utter destruction of my kids hands.

I decoupaged it with my own little hands, with a wallpaper border.

 But that happily resides in my own Seaside Cottage which isn't quite as charming as these but  I am surely not complaining. With time and perseverance and lots of gingerbread trim, I might be able to get my cottage to look a wee bit similar. Not this week.

I think they might have a wicker chair in in a room awash in blues and greens
I completely adore the blue vintage table!

Coastal Living mag

With lots of fun and games on those cushions covered in luscious polka dot fabrics on precious porches.
Coastal living mag


These bedroom colors are eye candy to me. And oh how I love the seashells above the bed on the wall!
Coastal Living mag

Sweet Dreams!
Journey to my other blog.. Vintage and Cottage for more Vintage style!
 This stand alone page just wasn't enough. I now have a cottage inspired etsy store as well.
Thanks so much for joining me.


Cori said...

I want one of those beautiful homes!!!

Hot Cookin' Chick said...

Wow, you are very crafty! I feel overwhelmed just thinking about decoupage!

Rannyjean said...

I wish I could make a room look as cozy as you do! I have to much clutter...but live near the beach! Came over from Follow Friday & am following you.

Eric S. said...

Love the photo of your grandparents, and the story to go along with it.

Those rooms do look inviting, but the Mojito even more so.

Kat said...

Love the story of your grandparents. You're lucky to have an event to remember exactly when your grandmother died. Especially as we get older it's hard to keep track of everything, isn't it?

Thanks for the Mojito recipe! I've been wondering how to make them right.


P.S. It might just be my mid-life eyes, but I'm struggling to read your tiny font, especially with the light-grey colour.

Nancy said...

You have a wonderful photograph of your gramma and grampa, and some great memories of your grandmother. I also remember hearing, "Slow down, young lady,...." At one time it must have been a fairly standard admonition. Thanks for sharing.

Christine H. said...

Wow, you have your Grandmom's wedding dress. What a treasure. I am very curious about that square of missing material though.Hmmm.

Barbara and Nancy said...

I' wondering, too about the square of missing material. Maybe it was made into a garter- "something old", or perhaps part of a headpiece.
Really enjoyed your cottage beach house pictures, too.

Alan Burnett said...

A great Sepia Saturday post, welcome to our little group, I really do hope you will contribute again. As you say, photography has come a long way, but these old faded photographs of ours have somehow learnt the secret of everlasting life.

Pat transplanted to MN said...

At first I thought I would not be able to comment on your Sepia Sat. But then I saw I could read all through varied blog posts and comments. Nice blog and I will try your mojito recipe soon. Yes those old photos didn't have todays' digital amenities, but isn't it wonderful how long they lasted. I would agree with your mother that someone took a piece of the old wedding dress for the something old part of their wedding. You are fortunate to have it and I cannot wait to see a photo!

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