Thursday, November 18, 2010

Thanksgiving Decorating

I thought I best get a little bit going on around the old homestead in honor of Thanksgiving, which by golly is just 1 week away. I have been inspired by so many talented women out there in blog land, but I am rarely finding the time at home to decorate peacefully ( hubbo works out of our home). And I am often too busy running to my daughters house to tend to our fabric business. But today I found a few minutes.
I started with ribbon, and leaves and wreath from the dollar store & hot glue.
I doubled up on 2 color ribbon, tied the ribbon in a simple bow.
And a simple braid.
Added a few natural elements.

And here is the final result.
So this was the start of decorating my foyer.
Now for the table below...

 I went for my old ironstone antique wash basin and vase that has a beautiful history behind it.
My mom found this in the attic of her mom's house sometime during the 1960's.
The pitcher has little shafts of wheat all around the top edge.

I stuffed it with natural elements from mother earth.

The house was a very old home in Philadelphia that had been built in the early 1900;s
 The pitcher and bowl were covered in dust when mom carried them down the rickety attic steps and when she washed them off, both the washbowl and the pitcher were in pristine condition!

Sorry to say sometime in the early 80's when my mom was watching my boys, who were very little, they got to rough housing in her house and banged into the bowl. So it suffered a huge crack in the interior. It did not go all the way through so there was never any need to apply glue or anything, but it is a visible crack, and I always have to handle with extreme care, when washing, now that it belongs to me.
I just filled it with some pumpkins
I like how they all look together.

I am liking how it all turned out in my hallway, what do you think?
Simple but  Autumnal
Vintage but Fresh

Now if I can just keep the family from throwing mail on the table, and dropping their shoes in the hall!
Everyone being grown up now, they don't listen so good!
Anyone  in bloggyland got tips on control, when they are in the 20's??
Thanks for stopping by!

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Heather said...

Hello! Thanks for stopping by and visiting my blog! I love your white ironstone. You are so lucky to have inherited such beautiful pieces. I also snuck a peak at your bathroom. Love it! The hole for easy laundry access is a fantastic idea! I enjoyed my visit!

Josie said...

nature really is full of beauty and can turn decorating into something so simple. The pitcher and bowl are so pretty and work great with the decor, very nice and festive! I love it!

My Cottage Charm said...

Hi there! Thanks for linking up to my Treasures and Trinkets..LOVE your pitcher and bowl...what a cool find! When I was little I always told my mom I wanted to buy an old house when I grew up...just so I could explore what was in the attic. :) (didn't happen, but it was to dream it...I live in a new house, with blown insulation in the attic! lol)
Have a great day and hope to see you again next week. :)

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