Wednesday, December 29, 2010

2010 went by too fast!

This was probably the fastest Christmas I can remember in a long time. It was really pretty great, except for the fact of having a terrible cold for 2 weeks.
I have been busy with planning a new kitchen and that will begin right after the New Year. I really enjoyed letting my girls take over the decoration of the tree this year. I thought the results were lovely! They chose a theme of red and silver.
 Bead garland in little silvery pearls and red and silver balls with multi colored lights. And red ribbon.
More often than not, our tree looks cluttered because we have soooo many hand made decorations from 6 kids, over the years,...

 But this year we wanted something a little different than the usual. And I was more than happy to give my 3 girls full reign. So they added  vintage silver snowflakes that have been around here for 30 years, and still hold their charm.
It was a really nice shaped tree this year! We always get a fresh tree. We have wood floors so the needles sweep up pretty easy. Here it is at night....

 and during the day....

So all of the presents are put away. And today we took down the tree. And put away all of the inside decorations. The pointsettas are gone..

The mantle......
 barren and waiting for it's rebirth

Ugghhh it took me hours to organize my Christmas closet, under the steps in the basement.. it was a disaster!!
 Last year we just sort of through everything in there hairy cairey. So it was a mess this year.  I finally put up a shelf in there and added some nails for hanging things and Voila! Presto! Organized!

Those UGG boxes are great for ornaments! Nice and sturdy! My extra wrapping paper even has a spot  while it waits for next  Xmas. Tucked between the studs.

One thing left to take down and that is the outside decor. The wind has taken it's toll.

 I did it with a little help from my son.

 May have to take it down with out him though-- he's been busy.

On to the new year!!
Now I will have to get busy emptying cabinets, and carting boxes of kitchen stuff to the basement while the Kitchen remodel gets done.

Can hardly believe friday is New Years eve 2011. I will be seeing Sarah McGlaughlin in Atlantic City!
I am excited about that.
Have a Happy New Year!

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