Monday, August 30, 2010

Places for Blogging

I am taking part in the Centsational Girl's where do you blog? party.

I have to be honest... I am all over the place.
At home I have an office that is really not much more than a closet.
I've blogged about this office before, when my husband tried to claim it for his clothes.

So that is the home office!!.... It's tiny and right off my bedroom.
 I'll have morning coffee and blog a little or check emails, and sometimes print out orders.
 Then it is off to work at my fabric shop at my daughter's house.
Where the entire bottom level is devoted to our fabric business.

 I do occasionally blog in this space. I do have a desk in there and of course printer, and all the other things I need for shipping and stuff. Sorry no pic of that desk, as of yet, but it is an old library table in Tiger Oak  I got at an auction and  I love it.

On the weekends when I am down the shore, at the Beach House,
I  use my little desk I rescued, which sits in my bedroom.

But my absolute favorite place that I blog from is my sunroom just outside my bedroom at the
Cottage Beach House down the shore.

Where I perched comfortably and watch the world go by...

I 'd like to be here all the time.
It's the best blogging spot in my world!


Purple Cow said...

That beach spot is not just perfect for blogging but all-round.

What exquisite taste you have!

Funky Mama Bird said...

I was never able to blog at the beach; kept staring at the water instead!

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