Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Finally a Soaking Tub!

I am married to a plumber. You heard the old adage "A shoe makers kids have holes in their shoes".
supposedly because a man doesn't want to do his line of work when he gets home!
Well that used to be true for my family too.
I first thought when I married a plumber that I would have the most luxurious bathroom possible. You know, get the top of the line products at cost.
Talk about disillusioned!!!
I lived with a bathroom that was 35 years old for a number of years. I'd probably venture to say untill it was 48 years old. Yep it was old when we bought the house.... and it just got older.

But once we finally proceeded with the re do. I got what I wanted. !!! BIGGGGG smile here.
I don't have any before pics because it was ugly and I just wasn't into blogging ugly.
Sorry I know you all would have loved it!!
 But check out the finish product.  I finally have a soaking tub!

My Soaking Tub
I have to show the faucet which is modeled after an old water pump. I picked this because I adore vintage , and wanted some taste of it in my bath.
Antique Pump Styling

And a great big shower, with a place to sit, It has 2 heads one  hand held, on the wall, and a large rain head on the other wall. I am proud to say I designed every inch of this room myself. there is nothing I regret.
My luxury shower

Another great feature is when I designed this bathroom I made the laundry room right next door, and had the contractor leave the bottom part of my closet, open (back wall open) so the clothing could go right thru to the laundry room!  My idea garnered raised eyebrows from the contractor who hubbo hired to do the carpentry work. Not quite understanding where I was coming from. I really had to stand my ground on a few issues, but I did stand my ground and got what I wanted.

And this is a pic of how it  the closet - into- the -laundry works. The bottom part is opened high enough for a hamper to slide in right thru to the laundry! See the wicker hamper in bottom? That is actually pushed thru when I took this pic.  Sorry so messy, some days it is neater than this. But you get the idea of the convenience.

Closet with a hole in the bottom wall
It goes right into the laundry room on the other side of the closet, so here is the laundry room. I know I need to pretty it up a bit with some new machines , but for now they are working, so I'm stuck with them.
I love that commercial where the lady takes a sledge hammer to an appliance so she can get new ones. hhhmmmn yeah I have thought of that!

My secret hole in the bath linen closet to the Laundry

I can laugh now at those days of disputes with the 2 men who were building, as I showed them my layout each day it seemed like they would make a decision that I had not approved and just was not going to work for us.
The one man who was the son would often be heard yelling at his dad. " Just give her what she wants !"
And that became a little bit of a joke around our house when all was done. But during the building process, it was just nerve racking to hear them fighting with each other over what my ideas were, and how they should be carried out
I had put a really lot of thought into it and knew exactly what I wanted. They even wanted to NOT give me the step in front of the tub!!

At the entrance there was enough space for a small chippy white shelf for handy face towels and wash clothes, which I picked up at a flea market. The entrance wall is on a small angle to just accomadate a little more room which I needed in the laundry. Of course they argued with me on this too. But I won. the entrance was spaced the way I wished and I was able to use the space for my little shelf.
I really wanted to be able to grab a towel with out opening the closet which I knew would hold toilet paper and shampoo, lotions and potions.
The Entrance

Below is the sink and the medicine cabinet, which I got from Home decorators on line.
 I just could not find one I liked more, anywhere else. I wanted it to be more useful than just a mirror. 

Medicine Cabinet

And I wanted something special over the tub, in a curved arch to coincide with the arch on the mirror. I had been inspired by a very large architectural piece that was awayyyy to much money for me, at about 1200.00  I loved, loved, the look though, and searched high and low and luckily I found something similar for 89.00, So I grabbed it.
Above the tub
It is made of resin instead of stone so no worries about it falling on my head! I think but am not 100 % sure that it too came from Home Decorators.com. It has been a while now since this was all done. but it turned out to be the perfect piece. Of course I found a great fabric for the window, which you can sort of see to the right of this picture.

So there is my dream bathroom designed by me. Good things come to those that wait!

The following are the rough sketches of the  existing bathroom before the remodel.
 My plan was to steel about 15 inches of space from my son's room, which was on the opposing wall, in a step fashion to accamadate  the larger bathroom.

On paper it looks a little crazy but the outcome turned out fantastic. And my son did not mind losing a little bit of space foe a really nice bathroom His room was really big anyway.

You can see from the plan, I completely nixed the laundry which was in the hall at the top of the steps, stole part of the original bathroom for the new laundry and part of my son's room for the new larger bathroom.
We are all happy with the outcome.
Thanks for stopping by!
Since this bathroom has 2 pieces of furniture( the sink, and the little chippy shelf)
 I am posting with the wonderful Miss Mustard Seed for her

Come have a look...

Visit thecsiproject.com


Penny @ The Comforts of Home/Lavender Hill Studio said...

I love soaking tubs! Yours looks great.

Uhleah said...

WOW - looks like luxury :) I love the step in front of the tub - defniitely something worth fighting to keep! Hope you're enjoying some relaxing soaks in there!

Lisa said...

Beautiful details! Love the old world charm and I am very envious of your secret laundry entrance! lol

Quiltingranny said...

Beautyful....wish I had a tub!

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