Tuesday, November 23, 2010

November is such a pretty month!

I am really enjoying this November. Aren't the leaves so luscious this time of year?
The weather has for the most part been warm. We are only wearing light jackets or sweatshirts. A few crisp days turned the leaves their lovely colors but no nasty winds yet this year for us here in Jersey!
The grass is just such a pretty shade of green. And the trees so vibrant. Here is a shot out the back door of my daughter's house.
And the one below I am peeking through her flowers to the end of the yard.

You can see we had some bit of wind that knocked down a couple of branches, but only one day.

The skies are just incredible! November Skies! This next shot is from Atlantic city. 41st floor of Ceasar's

The Trump building was in the way of the glorious sunset. This is from the hallway. There is a reflection in the glass of the ceiling lights.
And the one bellow is the other side of the building from the room.  Some dirty window spots kind of ruin this photo.

And they are getting ready at the Casino for Christmas too!

After work today the sun was setting so pretty so I went down by the river after leaving my daughter's house to snap a pic or 2

There were little ducks enjoying a float, about 12 of them!
On my way home, ( someone's gotta make dinner for the hungry teenagers!).. I had wished I'd stayed, just a few more minutes, because the sky just got pinker after the sun went down.

I love when the sky turns pink!

November has some of the prettiest skies, don't you agree?


Josie said...

such pretty pictures! I love how Fall brings a calming ambiance : )

Rannyjean said...

Such pretty pictures!

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