Wednesday, May 19, 2010

 Moving Day! 
 My daughter and I have been busy moving the business and her living quarters to a new location. Wow! It's a lot of work. I really like to see the progress of designing a room and it is always fun to track the progress with pictures, so that is what I will be doing. We started moving Monday, I took some pics with my blackberry today.
A lot of stuff has been put away but certainly not everything..The kitchen and bath are set up and the fabric and office are set up but the bedrooms and the craft room are a work in progress.

  • Below are "now" pics of what will be the craft room! (it will be last to get done)


As soon as I get time to work on them and make them pretty rooms I will post some "after" pics.

  • The living room will be the first to get a transformation! Here it is now! Moving day. It will get a new sofa set...soon.

  • Last but not least will be the guest bedroom, sorry this is blurry I was fading fast!

I am using only what I already have.
I am allowing myself to spend only 50 dollars on this room. 

Time for me to get some rest!


Heather said...

Following from Mom Loop!
Hope you'll stop by my blog sometime too!

~SHANNON~ said...

Moving IS totally exhausting!! Hope you have rested up now!

I followed you last week from Mom Loop Friday Follow- but I wanted to come by again anyway, to say hello and thanks for participating!

Hope you will stop by my blog and say hello again sometime too! Happy Friday!!


JDaniel4's Mom said...

Stopping from Mom Loop to follow. I bet you can do a lot with $50 at the right store. Have a wonderful weekend!

Funky Mama Bird said...

Moving is exhausting, isn't it? We just moved to another state and I never want to move again. Ever.

Following from mom loop.

Style Sisters said...

Following from mom loop Hi there. Good luck with the move.

FreshCutFabrics said...

Yes moving is an exhausting task. I'm still trying to get back to normal...

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