Monday, June 28, 2010

Today was a great day because I stayed down at the Cottage Beach House one extra day instead of rushing back to work..
In the morning  I decided to do some puttering around the house, before going to the beach to get my tan on with my sweet sixteen year old,
 I always enjoy puttering around the cottage and I was extra inspired by The Better Homes and Gardens Red White and Blue Cottages.
So I dug up whatever I had laying around that could fit into a stars and stripes, red, white and blue theme to set the cottage up for next weekend... the 4th of July! I had forgotten about these pillows I picked up a few years back for 1 dollar each!
I was pleasantly surprised because generally my cottage is a seaglass blue and green in just about every room.
Below is what I found already on my wall and on a shelf! Stars and Stripes! That's my grandbaby "Sadie" in a blue stars frame!  The lighthouse I have had since 2001 it's an old cast iron one and holds a candle. A perfect touch of red and white. It is so fun to re-purpose things .

So here it is together. My little 4th of July vignette.

And I kept going... to the porch with just a touch of red on the pillows, and a bit of it on the lighthouse.
 How lucky the car in the back was red too!
And the little window seat could use some of those pillows too, with the red trim and anchors!

So that is my ode to the Fourth!

I had so much fun snapping these shots. Hope Ya like em. Feel free to comment. I love comments!

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varunner said...

Totally loving your beach house and your granddaughter is adorable.
For whatever reason, I too, am having some problems with blogger today.

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