Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Well I recently hosted a big High School Graduation Party, and it was a huge amount of fun.
I wanted to have some kind of a theme but, couldnt find anything I liked. I thought about the Tiki theme. Thought about a few different themes, and then like a ton of bricks it hit.
Why didn"t I think of this sooner. there it was staring at me at the dollar store. in the kiddie section.
the Pirates
That was their school sports teams name,"The Pirates" The Pirate was their mascot. Their school colors are black and red!
So I scooped up what I could.
A Banner ...made of all Pirate heads
18 Hats
10 beaded necklaces...

It was the perfect set-up with the red tablecloths and black Graduate Ladies that I found also at the dollar store.

It was fun to see the grown ups wearing the Pirate hats!

This is me and my gang! Our best family portrait ever!

I'll be saving all these decorations for next years grad party.

My next one to graduate may  even use  some of the stuff  for Spirit Week next year.
And I will try to get more of this Pirate fabric for the tablecloths next year.

Overall it was fun decorating for and the party went off without a hitch. All the food lasted and so did the drinks.
We had a blast.


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