Saturday, July 17, 2010

Big things come in small packages in My Office

 I'm such a pushover, I get inspired at the drop of a hat.This image from a place called Cushions Unlimited inspired me.
It's simple and clean, and I was looking for something like this to make my office more inviting to me.
Just a small spot to sort through family photos and ...stuff. ( Im not saying that 4 letter word BILL)

Now I have a tiny little spot in my home that I call an office. It's 8 x 10. Honestly, it's not much more than a closet. Matter of fact my hubbo wants to steal it and make it a closet. Yes he is more of a diva than I when it comes to clothing!
I'm fighting to keep it.  I keep telling him, "Happy wife, Happy life"!
I love my It serves it's purpose of hiding all those papers and unsorted pictures from 20 yrs. ago or more, and those things we pay each month. All the papers are in pretty little boxes. Yep I have a bit of a box fetish. If the kids are ever stumped as to what to get me for my birthday. A box always does the trick.
He can't take my window seat. This is mine.
  ------my box fetish

I bought the little drawers from JC Pennies, and together they make a small window seat. The shabby chic fabric was a duvet cover, I just covered the cushion with it. Re-use and recycle. My fabric shop has some similar  floral fabric.

I painted those walls with my own little hands, in a venitian plaster look. All around my little room.
 ----2 more boxes

I painted the shabby little dresser I found for 1 dollar at a flee market, with a fresh coat of white paint,

Just distressed it a little and dry brushed the wall color on the top coat. 
 The wall paint is  a pale grey with beige ragged on.
The dresser is white with beige dry brushed on.

My desk is important to me how could hubbo even think of replacing it with hangers.
Even more of my box fetish showing

I like my office. My little 8x10 hideaway. And my boxes.

He can't have it.
 I should have taken those before pics!
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S.I.F. said...

I love what you did with the dresser! It is seriously beautiful!

heather @ what's blooming this week said...

Love what you did with the dresser too. Thanks for visiting my little blog project and leaving a comment on my container post.

Anonymous said...

I wish my office was that chic. I really like how you put it all together. I would love to have a window seat anywhere in my house. Hmmm, you have given me an idea. Thanks!

Jill said...

I luv your window seat!! Beautiful!

Thanks for joining in the Fun FF40+

I'm now a Follower of your blog :)

~ Jill

Cindy said...

I love what you did. It is so important to feel good when you are in your office. Your touches make it a place all your own.


jacqui said...

very creative! organized and in style - props to you!

Ruby@Ruby'sMusings said...

Great space! I wish I had one just like it !! Creative and beautiful!

Kim said...

Your window seat looks so inviting, as does the entire room. Using those small cabinets for JC Penney was an inspired idea.

Anonymous said...

Ohmigosh, I absolutely LOVE this post! I'm in the process of creating a "closet office", almost LOL So this was good inspiration!

(from BF & TwitterMoms)

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