Wednesday, July 21, 2010

My Backyard Escape

I never liked those plastic tables that are available for outside so I came up with an idea to make a table from a large slab of slate we had laying around. I have used slate for lots of stuff, including making a set of steps down from one area of my pool to a garden.
 I actually did this a few years ago with an old clay pot with this slate as the table top and this year I changed it up with a new pot I purchased at Home Goods. I liked the Mexican style of the pot and wanted to use that instead of the old clay that was looking a little too rustic.

 I added a little statue purchased many years ago in San Diego as a momento of a trip to see my Dad. Then I went on a search of my garage for old home decor items from way back when my kitchen had a southwestern flair. I founds lots of stuff to use.
I also made a coffee table from another big slab of flagstone and two upside down white flowerpots.
This little project became the "siesta spot" for relaxing and reading a good book, or having a cup of joe.
Can't you just see me with my feet up?

My plants, who persevered all winter in the house with us, were thrilled to move to this new locale!
It's a joy to water them now.
And all the family members liked my new design.
Little did I know, the new theme gave my kids something to consider when shopping for momma's birthday.
 My son bought me a great fountain piece for the wall.  :)
My daughter, the little sun that sits on the coffee table :)

I love my Backyard Escape and I've entered it in a contest.
 I'd love it if my peeps would vote for me!
I've named it Siesta Time and entered it into Backyard X-Scapes
You can vote for me here

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Kim said...

The Mexican pot is so bright and pretty, I really like the jagged slate on it. It makes for an interesting mix. Your pool looks so inviting, we have one, but it's just a rectangle shape more/less.

Eileen said...

Thanks Kim! I like the fact that I can just hose it down. No scrubbing involved like those white plastic tables need. I'm going to visit your blog. I love your blog.

Doreen McGettigan said...

Oh I love your creative yard. I am just getting started with mine(trying anyway) there is still so much to do inside and life sometimes really gets in the way of my projects.
I am a new visitor and follower from Over 40 FF.
I hope when you get the chance you will stop by and say hello. they say everyone has a story..

Tina said...

Beautiful yard! Thank you for the comment about artificial sweeteners. I do have my Diet Coke everyday. I think I may give your suggestion a go.


Debbie said...

THis is an awesome idea...I love it, and could so do this, in fact I will, if you do not mind:) Come check out my blog sometime, I have some neat parties you may be interested in. Hope to see you. Debbie

Ms Bingles Vintage Christmas said...

This looks wonderful! What neat ideas you have!
Thank you for sharing~
Have a good day!

Marianne@Songbird said...

Wow, did you move that slap of slate yourself. You must have some serious power girl!
Love the look of that ball together with the slate, what a neat idea. And I am in total awe and green with jealousy at the look of that pool!!

Eileen said...

I actually had the big guy move the slate slab that makes the end table but I was able to move the slab of flagstone that makes the coffee table, all by myself.

Veronica Lee said...

How creative! Your yard is beautiful.

Have a nice day!

Anonymous said...

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Have a nice day.


Tammy said...

What a gorgeous backyard, I'd love to hang out and relax back there.

Stopping by from It's Friday I'm Hopping - swing by my blog when you have a chance :)

Anonymous said...

I love love love the slate table. Whata beautiful pot you placed it on. Great idea and it really adds some pop to the space!

Sandra said...

I voted for you!!! Good luck! The deal is though, if you win, you have to come and do to my yard all the beautiful things you did in yours! I don't have the white plastic table, but pretty near...I think I'd cover your eyes were you to ever come near my backyard, I'd die of shame!
Anyway, let us know how you do in this contest! So excited for yoU!

Christy {Home-Mom} said...

we just got a new house and I'd love to get some of these "projects" done. There are so many ;)
looks great!

Thanks for hopping with me at iFiH

Unplanned Cooking said...

That is so cute. I love slate and have tried to find a table made of it, but either they were too heavy or just plain ugly :). You're so inventive!

Eileen said...

Thank you ladies for all your wonderful comments. I have enjoyed visiting everyones bogs. You are such a diverse group of women, laden with many talents.

samsstuff said...

I like the look of your new table! We did this, awhile back with a large clay pot that had dragons on it, a Mexican blanket & glass, I like the slate idea, though. I might change it up a bit & follow your lead with some slate!
Stopping by from BlogFrog to say hi!

Eileen said...

Sandra, I would be glad to help out, I love that kind of stuff. You would never have to cover my eyes. You should see the mess we have the end of March each year from the winter and the fall. ugghhhh

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