Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A privilege to watch the sun rise and set.

The other day while riding back to North Wildwood from dinner in Stone Harbor with my sis, as we crossed the inlet bridge the sun was setting. This area is one of the few places where you are privileged to be able to see the sun rise over the ocean and set over the bay. I snapped the picture below with my phone and from a moving car. The view was incredible. The sky blue pink was reflected in the water. It is one of my favorites.

A fun little party at a Southerndaydreamer.blogspot called Outdoor Wednesday


More Milestones said...

I love peaceful pictures like this.
Btw, thanks for swapping buttons.
You can find your button here:

Mona : )

Sunny Day said...

Hopping over from Blog Frog. The picture is so good, especially since it was from a camera phone. I would love to try to paint it sometime. It is so peaceful.

Jinnia said...

What a beautiful sunset! I love the colors and reflection of the sky blue pink. Stopping by from 31DBBB! Have a great day!


Jinnia said...

Eileen, you have such a lovely blog, I'm now following you!


Eileen said...

Sunny that is a great idea. I love to paint but havent done it in years. I wanted my sis to stop the car but we were on a bridge! I took about 4 pics but this was my fav.

Eileen said...

Jinnia, Thanks for following, I am visiting your blog right now.

Anonymous said...

New Follower from Bloggy moms, and I love your blog!

Melody said...

Hi Eileen, Thanks for stopping by...wow am I glad I stopped by what a beautiful photo.
I have been hooked on collecting since I was 6. Mt first auction was in a small farming town north of Cincinnati. Sat. nights was the big thing to do around my Great-Grandpa's farm. My Great-Uncle took us. Antiques to animals..I was so excited. It was like huntin for Easter Eggs.

Teri said...

Aw . . . sunsets. :) I noticed you love cottages/cottage style. I'm forever looking for goodies on Etsy and will check out the Etsy Cottage Style community.

Anonymous said...

I would like to exchange links with your site www.blogger.com
Is this possible?

Thoughtfully blended hearts said...


Linda said...

What a beautiful photo....don't you just love a camera on your phone!

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