Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Fabric of Our Lives

I was perusing through my pictures to try to decide what I would post about today,
 and then I came across this.

 I awoke to this gorgeous site one morning, the sun rises just out my back door, down the shore. 
This is the view from the second floor in our sunroom just off the bedroom of my little Cottage.
This is what it is all about.
This is why I bought it.
A ramshackle little Cottage by the Sea.

 A small boat peacefully takes in the spectacle.

So this post is all about gratitude.

About enjoying life as it unfolds, slowly, yet so very quickly.
 It's different colors.
It's perfect hues.

Savoring the fleeting moments of peace and beauty.

Appreciating the canvas of our universe.
And it's imperfections are really only our perspective.

Taking comfort in the fabric of our lives.


Ruby@Ruby'sMusings said...

What a lucky lady you are! I am green with envy of your little cottage and the view! Thanks for sharing!

3 Little Birds Boutique said...

Such beautiful pictures, an amazing view and an inspiring life!

rsp2538 said...

wow! thanks for sharing!!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely gorgeous.

DragonflyzDreams said...

I love this post, my first visit to your blog! I hated to scroll down and lose the moment I was in with the sunrise! You are so lucky to have this view everyday even though it is constantly changing!
Smiles, Cyndi

Eileen said...

I know, these are moments I will always cherish. what a blessing my Cottage has brought to me and my family. So many happy moments spent here by the Sea. The ever changing sands of time

Jen said...

These pictures are beautiful and renews my hope that someday I will be looking at the same scene each morning. Thank you for coming to Finding Heaven! said...

Thanks, you reminded me to take a look out my window. The sunsets are gorgeous here and I rarely stop to appreciate them.

Nice to meet you.

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